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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Ultimate Air Dryer Hair Brush by EcoTools Review

{product review} Ok y'all. I have got to tell you about this freaking amazing hairbrush that I bought at Christmas time. I originally bought it for my daughter who has super thick, curly hair that is down to her butt; It's almost impossible to blow dry. But anyway, I ended up thinking it was so cool lookin that I kept it to try for myself --ok calm down, before you start judging me for keeping my kids gift, I got her a different brush that's equally as cool.-- This hairbrush has literally cut my blow drying time in half if not faster. Also, it detangles my hair without snagging it. If you have thick hair that takes so long to blow dry that your arms get tired in the process, you need to get this brush. I mean come on, it's a brush with a hole in it! 💁🏽Thanks EcoTools!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The best thing about having an Ipsy Subscription

The best thing about ipsy is the fact that I can try out so many new products and upcoming brands without having to spend tons of money on something that I may or may not like. Here are some of the products I used this morning from February's Ipsy bag.


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