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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

NAILED IT or FAILED IT! My first attempt at vintage pin curls

Ok. So by now, those of you who have been following my 30 Day Bun Challenge on The Messy Vanity Facebook Page know that yesterdays challenge was a bit of a BUST to say the least. Why? Well the answer is kind of comical.

On August 12th, Day 12 of the 30 Day Bun Challenge, I was quite honestly getting a little sick of "bunning" my hair. I thought that since August has 31 days, I could use this day (the 12th) as sort of an "off" day. This was the perfect opportunity to try something that I've been wanting to try for a while now but never had the time.... PINCURLS! I love the vintage glam look that pin curls can bring and after watching a couple of amazing tutorials by two of my favorite You Tube pin up girls, The Cherry DollFace & of course PinUp Doll Ashley Marie I decided that this would be the day. (These ladies are amazing by the way. I highly recommend watching their tutorials especially if you're interested in creating a "pin up" look.)

Here are the 3 videos that inspired me to try this look.

Video 1. This one is the one I followed to a T.

Video 2

Video 3

After seeing how gorgeous and "easy" this look can be to achieve, I went for it. I followed video 1 as closely as I could, alternating the curl directions and sleeping on it overnight. After waking up in the morning, I took my pins out,and began brushing. In all most all of the videos I've watched, it says the more you brush the more you can mold your curls.... sooooo that's what I did.

I'm not sure, maybe you guys can tell me? Did I "Nail it"? or did I "Fail It"?

After brushing just half of my hair.... Ummm maybe if I just brush a bit more. hmmm?

After brushing ALL of my hair. Uh yeah. I'm not so sure this is the "Pinup Glam" I was going for.

Yyyyyeeeepppp, molding the curls didn't help much either.

Time to make it a bun day! 

Having almost no time left to get ready for work. I decided I'd try a loose curl bun.... Yeah that didn't work out either. My hair was just "in a mood". I quickly swept it into a simple bun and called it a day.

So comical, I just had to share. What do you guys think? 

Hope you enjoyed this comical "Nailed it or Failed it".

Thanks for stopping by The Messy Vanity,

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  1. WOW! what a first try! I used to have problems like that- it is difficult to curl hair if it is long/thick meaning you end up with a result like yours! The key to a good result is in the brushing out- it can take 10 or so minutes to get really silky! :O