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Sunday, July 21, 2013

How To: Dooby, Dooby, Doo! (Heatless Hair Straightening)

When I was a kid, there were only 2 ways to get really straight hair.... Ironing (like with a  real iron) which is not only damaging to your hair but it's also extremely awkward. You either do it yourself leaving you to guess if you're going to burn yourself or not or have someone else do it for you. Either way, you will walk away achy and with a crazy neck cramp. The second way is a bit time consuming but safe for your hair and well worth it. I'm not sure what the actual name is but in my family, we called it a 'Dooby'.

Here's what you need:
  • Bobby Pins
  • Detangling brush or comb
  • Smoothing brush

Here's How:

Put 1 side of your hair in a ponytail for later.


I didn't use a hairnet or wrap because I didn't have any on hand, plus I was too lazy to go get a scarf but that is why....

My hair looked like this in the morning! :/

Nevertheless, After unpinning my hair, applying a bit of smoothing serum and brushing it through. The end result was a smooth, straight look that was shiny and healthy and the best part is that it's safe for your hair!
Hope you liked the look and try it out for yourself! Let me know if you've tried this before. Post your result
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