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Saturday, July 27, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things...

So often I am asked about products I use and recommendations. So I decided that since its been a while since I posted a "These are a few of my favorite things" blog, now would be a great time. Its crazy to see how different the first one was compared to now. I only use 1 of the products on the first list regularly and that is the Milani Brow Fix Kit. I don't use the Line Stiletto as much anymore simply because I have been trying out so many different liners, I haven't really thought about picking another one up. It's still a great liner and I almost always recommend it when someone asks for a felt tip liner recommendation. This just goes to show how fast things can change. With so many products out there, it's bound to happen... and often.

These are a few of my favorite things to use right now. Things I use almost everyday no matter what look I am creating. My "go-to" products  (at least for now) and here's why:

    •  Con Air Detangling Hairbrush - I never thought I would love a hairbrush as much as I love this one. My daughter had basically hoarded all of my brushes for herself when I decided that I was going to get a new one and keep it under lock and key. This one is definitely the best spur of the moment buy that I've gotten in a while. It can be used on wet or dry hair. What I really want to say is "cuts like butta" (in my best mob guy voice). I never feel it snag or pull and it does a great job of removing any loose hair. I've definitely noticed my "shedding" is down to a minimum and I credit it to this brush for sure! I got it at K-Mart for less than $10!

    • Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara - Now you all know how much I love Avon's SuperShock Max Mascara and I'm not saying I don't still love it but I have found myself passing up my SuperShock and heading towards this I Love Extreme Volume Mascara. I mean seriously... who doesn't love extreme volume on their lashes? This mascara has a perfectly balanced formula, not too thin, not too thick, not too wet, not too dry and best of all NO CLUMPS! The brush is fat in some places and thin in others making it pretty versatile. It separates your lashes and coats each one without clumping or getting too thick. It dries pretty quickly so if you are like me and like to put on multiple coats while it's still tacky, you kinda gotta work fast. I bought this online at for only $4.99! 

    • Wet n Wild COLOR ICON™ BLUSHER in Mellow Wine - I try lots of blushes all of the time but no matter what look I'm creating, this blush seems to do the trick. The COLOR ICON™ BLUSHER line comes with 4 shades to choose from (Pearlescent Pink, Heather Silk, Mellow Wine & Berry Shimmer). I've tried all but Pearlescent Pink only because it seems too light for my skin tone. I'm convinced that the 3 colors that I have tried are pretty much perfect for any skin tone depending on the look you are going for. Mellow Wine seems to be perfect for my light skin in the winter and my tan skin in the summer. 

    • Mirabella Colour Sheer Lipstick in Daydream - I love love love this color! I got this in my May Ipsy Bag and I love it! I use it almost everyday. The texture is so smooth and it wears almost all day. It actually has a Mango Butter base which makes it feel light on your lips. It looks like its a purpley pink color but actually goes on looking like a natural pink that enhances your actual lip color.

    • Mica Beauty Gel Eyeliner - You guys have all heard me talk over and over again about how much I love this liner. Whether you're creating a thick wing or a skinny line to enhance your lash line, this was another Ipsy bag favorite that I got in February and I've been using it ever since. Highly recommend this to everyone!

    Last But not least. This is the product I use multiple times per week. I've tried tons and tons of others but these are, in my opinion, the absolute best. They are the:
    • Revlon Compact Slant Tip Tweezers - Are you surprised I didn't say  TweezerMan  or Sally Hansen? I've tried em both and neither does the job that these Revlon tweezers do. You all know how obsessed I am with getting the perfect brows and these tweezers are the ones that do it! They grip even the finest of hairs without making me bleed and they get up and under the hairs to help me get the best arch I can without completely massacring the rest of my brow. Each time I misplace them, which is often, I immediately run out to get new ones because the others I have just won't do. I'm not even sure why I keep those other tweezers around.

    Well that's it! You asked for it, here it is! My go-to products at this time. Hope you have a chance to try at least a few of these products and provide your feedback on The Messy Vanity. Also as much as you all hear me rave about my Ipsy Bags, I'm sure you're dying to know how to get your own. Well you're in luck, today's the day I show you how you can try out all sorts of new products without breaking your wallet. Click the link below to find out more!

    Thank you for Stopping By The Messy Vanity ,

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