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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Product Review: Milani Everyday Eyes Smoky Essentials Palette

Oh, how I wish this palette was better. The colors are so gorgeous but I found it to just have too much wrong with it.
I'm usually a big fan of Milani Cosmetics and have been for many years now. So when I saw this palette on clearance for 70% off, I just had to snatch it up.... now I know why it was on clearance.
Just look at the gorgeous colors in this palette. Now some of you may frown over it because you think that blue is a "taboo" color to wear but I am a firm believer that if its done right...and tastefully, any color can be worn on any skin tone. 

Anyway, I decided to create an eye look using only this palette. So seeing that the double sided brush seemed to be of a decent quality, I decided to use only that brush. It worked out well except for the fact that it was definitely not made for blending. I started out, as the directions instructed, using the base color all over my lid first. Let me just say the pigmentation of this color was quite lacking, a good primer is definitely a must.
Next I used the taupe shade next to it in my crease. The brush actually was really great for this because it really got into the crease and the shade was quite buildable. It was t this pint that it all went a wry. I continued using the enclosed brush and applied the 3rd color onto my lid. Even after blowing the excess of the brush, the amount of fall out was unbelievable. The pigment of it was awesome but the fallout was such a turn off. Get yourself some Shadow Shields if your going all in with the darker colors in this palette. Well I was going to stop there but I just couldn't ignore the beautiful metallic blue that was staring me in the face. So I applied it on top of the steel color. It looked great and the color really popped but once again, the fall out was crazy! Finally, I added a bit of black to the corners to deepen the look but unfortunately, I had to use a different brush this time to blend out. I just couldn't achieve the look I wanted with the brush that was given.

Overall, here are my pros and cons:
  1. The palette itself is quite striking
  2. The darker colors in the palette are rich 
  3. The pigmentation in the darker colors were strong
  4. The brush isn't terrible, Its great for packing color onto lid and good for getting into the crease
  5. The price is affordable ($9.99)
  1. The Lighter colors were a disappointment
  2. The brush isn't great for blending out
  3. The fall out is more than anyone would ever want
  4. I really wish this palette had a neutral shimmer for under the brow line and in the inner corners of the eye

Would I buy this again? Its possible I would try different palettes from this line but it's not likely that I will reach for this one very often.

Hope you enjoyed this review and found it to be helpful.

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