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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Reverse Shampooing Theory

Ok. So I'm not gonna lie. My Purim costume was a lot of fun today. Seeing reactions was the best but I have to say, I was most excited about coming home and reverse shampooing all of that baby powder out of my hair. It's unbelievable how satisfying this reverse shampooing is. It's like the minute you
shampoo after conditioning... instant gratification. As I was telling my bestie over at Pop & Locke Pinup this morning, I remembered reading an article a while back that said YOUR HAIR WILL ONLY ABSORB AS MUCH AS IT NEEDS. ok. Now it all makes so much sense. You add the moisture in. Let it absorb and then wash the excess residue out. It's a complete no brainer. Why haven't we been doing this all along? If that's so, then we have probably been leaving tons of build up in our hair for ages which is why our hair can get so oily so fast. Also probably the reason you can go longer without washing using the reverse shampoo method. So I got to thinking about it (because I'm anal and I overthink everything, but just hear me out). Our bodies are basically one big sponge in every sense, from our hair to our skin, nails, brains, so on an so forth. So my thought is that if this works on hair, would it work on your body when you lotion? Or faces when we moisturize??? What if we tried to let our skin absorb the lotion and THEN wash the excess off? The same with moisturizer. Just a thought.

Does anyone agree or want to try this little experiment with me?

Click here to check out my Purim Costume pics! 

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