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Monday, February 25, 2013

Nailed It! Baby Doll Make Up.

Somewhere around Halloween I began seeing these amazing baby doll make up tutorials all over the web and thought to myself "I just have to try that look!". I knew I wasn't going to any Halloween parties this year and immediately thought of the Purim Costume Contest we have a work every year. I was counting down the days thinking about if I should or shouldn't dress up.... "OF COURSE I SHOULD! WHAT WAS I THINKING?" So today was the day....

Because Purim is not a spooky holiday, I had to look for a baby doll inspiration picture that wasn't dead, scarred or bleeding.

Here is the picture I chose...


I chose this picture as my inspiration because I thought it looked simple and not too spooky. The eyes really popped.

Steps I took to create this Baby Doll look for this festive holiday:

Hope you liked the look. Be sure to leave your feedback!

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