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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Clearance Make Up Haul & Reviews: For beauty lovers on a budget

For a couple of weeks now, I have been obsessed with finding great clearance deals on make up products. I was surprised that I found so many Ah-Mah-Zing bargains at places like Target, my local Grocery store Farm Fresh, and even Ebay! I make it a point to never pay full price for pretty much anything. The products you will see here cost me less than $75 total!

Tip: When you're out and about, take a detour to the cosmetics aisle and pick up one or two products here and there. No matter what your budget may be, you can pick up things for as little as $.99. Do this and soon you will have quite the little collection of all sorts of make up products.

Here are the products and prices that I've picked up in the past 2 or 3 weeks.


In my quest to find the best, most lash enhancing mascara, I "splurged" on this buy. This Too Faced Better than False Lashes Nylon Extension System is the product I spent the most money on and was so excited to get it. I have worn this mascara 2 times since I received it and the results are phenomenal! I did not expect the smaller white bottle to be filled with actual nylon fibers. I thought it wold be your standard white creamy mascara like primer but no, its actually a bottle filled with light fluffy fibers that adhere to your lashes and lengthen them to a "falsie" length. It feels light on your lashes and not at all cakey like some other primers can be.  I am so glad I got this kit and even more glad that I got an AWESOME deal ! 

Originally Priced at: $35.00
Purchased on Ebay for: $12.97

Right: a soft pastel pink shadow by Maybelline in the shade Pink Petal. Goes on smoothly and can be used as a base or alone to enhance your natural look. With pastel color being so "IN" for spring, I just had to get it and of course, like I said, the price was right!
Originally Priced at$3.75
Purchased at Farm Fresh for: $.98

Left: A rich gold shadow single by Cover Girl in Gold Sizzle. I've used this several times already to enhance the corners of my eyes. Its a beautiful shade for tan or dark skin tones.

Originally Priced at$3.19
Purchased at Farm Fresh for: $1.58



I've really been putting an effort into stepping up my lip game. I've never been a huge fan of lipstick and the feeling of it on my lips but I realize that you cant have a finished look with out a little lip color. It really seems to round out your overall look.With that said, I noticed that what little lip products I had were pretty much all the same shade. So I set out to add variety to my lip collection.
 Wet and Wild Mega Last Lip Color
Surprisingly enough, I really really like these colors. I thought I would have to put a few layers of the color on to get the true colors seen here but I didn't  They went on smooth and were very pigmented. They go on with a  matte finish and pretty much stay put for about 4 hours without having to reapply. They come in a variety of colors. I have (from right to left):
  • Just Peachy
  • Mauve Outta Here
  • Don't Blink Pink
  • Stoplight Red
  • Red Velvet
  • Mocha-licious (not in picture)
Priced at $.99 each!

 Wet and Wild Silk Finish Lipstick
These shades have a frost finish. They go on really smooth and are true to color. Because it is such a "slick" formula, you will need to reapply often.
I have:
  • Light Beige Frost
  • Dark Pink Frost
  • Light Berry Frost (not in picture)
Priced at $1.99 each!

ColorSensational Lipcolor by Maybelline
In love with this shade of red. Goes on very creamy and lasted me all day long. It is the absolute perfect shade of red for a vintage look or to go with a gorgeous red cocktail dress. The shade name is perfect for a night out... Are You RED-dy?

Originally Priced at$7.49
Purchased at Farm Fresh for: $1.47

SuperStay 14HR Lipstick by Maybelline
Overall this is a nice shade for an everyday look. The color is very sheer but also very buildable. The title boasts a 14hour wear, however, I did find myself reapplying often. This product is great to keep in your purse for those quick "in between" applications.

Originally Priced at$8.99
Purchased at Farm Fresh for: $2.50

I still have not gotten the opportunity to give this one a whirl but I fell in love with the color and the price was definitely right. I'm sure it wont be a problem finding the perfect compliment to this color.

Originally Priced at$9.99
Purchased at Farm Fresh for: $2.49


So I guess this is really where it all began...the reason for this haul. I have been struggling with my skin lately. I just cant figure it out. Is it oily? Is it dry? Combination? I just can't tell! It seems every time I change my cleanser or foundation to solve one problem, another problem arises. Now that I've settled on a cleanser that is tried and true, (Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash ... that's right I went back to the old school with this one.) I'm on a mission to find a foundation or powder that wont leave my face greasy and uncomfortable throughout the day. This, my friends, has proven to be a BIG challenge... and though I've tried many of these products, I still can't seem to figure out the best one for my skin type...whatever that is.

I kept my selections on the drugstore level rather than going to the high end counters. There is nothing more frustrating than paying a buttload of money for a product that you're not sure will be a perfect fit for your skin. WHAT A WASTE! So I started out looking for a liquid foundation. I figured since I wasn't having much luck with creams, I'd better try something that I had when I was younger and see how the liquids have improved over the years. I began with Cover Girl CLEAN Liquid make up-Oil Control (not pictured) which I paid full price for (only $5.99 but still). It says that its not heavy or cakey which was all true but the oil control part... FALSE! I actually felt like it made my "skin issue" worse. The more I tried it, the more disappointed I became. So as the famous Jay-Z once said... "On to the Next One".

Staying with the Cover Girl brand I decided to try Cover Girl NatureLuxe Silk. I Really liked the feel on my skin . The coverage was good and it didn't feel thick. The oil problem seemed to be lessening for the first few times I used it but then it gradually crept back into my life. The best part about this product was the price. Originally Priced at: $6.75.... I Purchased it at Target for : $3.48! I'll probably keep this one on the side for a rainy day but definitely not gonna be my everyday "go-to" foundation.

Next, I decided to see what I could find in the Maybelline clearance section of Target. I got a great deal on  the Instant Age Rewind Radiant Firming Foundation Originally Priced at: $9.99.... I Purchased it at Target for : $6.48. I actually really liked this one too but again, the oiliness crept back after a while. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! Even setting these foundations with a Mineral Power Finishing Veil Powder (Originally Priced at: $9.75.... I Purchased it at Target for : $3.48.) didn't solve the problem.

Now onto the one that seems to be (fingers crossed) the winner. Its the Maybelline Dream Smooth MousseOriginally Priced at: $9.79.... I Purchased it at Farm Fresh for : $2.50. Its light, airy, has good coverage and so far has been good friends with my skin. The applicator sponge isn't too bad either. which leads me to believe (don't judge me) .... Maybe its not the foundation, maybe its the application method?

Finally, this little punch of color... Dream Bouncy Blush in Hot Tamale! I've only used this once, as a tester, but I'm fairly certain that this is going to get a lot of use in the summer when my skin is sun kissed and needs just a POP of color. The color is quite sheer but extremely buildable. The best part...Originally Priced at: $7.99.... I Purchased it at Farm Fresh for : $1.79! This is definitely a great addition to my "face" drawer.
Well that's it for my clearance haul! I really hope you get a chance to not only try these products but also find the best deals possible on any items that you want to try or already love.

Leave me your suggestions on how to solve my combination/not combination/oil/dry skin problem. Any feedback will help.

Thanks for stopping by The Messy Vanity,

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