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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Curling Rods are back!

Ok so way back, waaaaaaay back when I was in about 3rd or 4th grade, my mom used to put curling rods in my hair to enhance my perm. Yes. I had a perm. But hey it was the late 80's and it was the style then. She would put them in after my shower the night before and the next morning I would have bouncy curls that lasted all day long. No heat. No Aquanet. Well they're back! Everywhere I go, I see curling rods and ladies with perfect bouncy curls that they got without damaging their hair with heat or chemicals. So I thought, what the hell. I'm gonna try them again. I've got nothing to lose. My hair is pretty long now and if it doesn't turn out, its fixable. Everything is fixable. So here it goes...

Tools You'll Need:
  • A Spray on Leave-in Conditioner
  • A Detangling comb or brush (I use Con-Air)
  • A Rat Comb
  • 10 or more curling rods (I'm using Con-Air brand)
  • Argan or Moroccan Oil
  • Hairspray if needed

Step 1. Towel dry your hair after washing. Step 2. Spray on your favorite leave-in-conditioner. Step 3. Begin detangling your hair. Step 4. Start at the bottom and work your way up until your hair is completely untangled. Step 5. Part your hair into 3 sections. Step 6. Secure each section with clips or ties. Step 7. Starting with the bottom layer, begin taking small sections and comb through to make sure each section is untangled.

Step 8. Take a curling rod and about halfway down the section begin wrapping your hair, rolling it toward your scalp. Bend the ends to secure. Step 9. Continue doing this, working your way around your head doing the same for the middle section of your hair. Step 10. Take the top section of hair and roll the wand away from your face and secure the rods. FINISH! Wrap your head with a scarf or shower cap to help from getting too many fly aways while your sleeping. (This was the only scarf I had that was large enough to cover. DON'T JUDGE ME!) Lastly, cross your fingers and hope for the best in the morning.


After waking up the next morning. 

1. After doing your make up, remove your cap/scarf and feel each rod to make sure they feel dry.
2. Starting with the bottom row, gently begin removing the rods. It was at this point that I noticed that my hair did not dry completely and some of the curls in the back didn't take...WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! Next time, I will put the curlers in my clean, dry hair and mist it down at the end. Nevertheless, I stayed positive and kept going.
3. Once all the rods are out and you are looking similar to Little Bo Peep, gently run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls. I used Argan oil to smooth the fly aways and also sprayed some hairspray on my hands and did some soft scrunching to keep the wet areas from straightening out throughout the day.

The end result is not exactly what I was hoping for but still cute.

Hope you like the look and try it for yourself. Post your pictures on The Messy Vanity Facebook page and let me know what you thought about the curling rods.

As Always... Thanks for stopping by The Messy Vanity,


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