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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Maui Babe

Yesterday, being my first day at the beach this season, I decided to try a tan accelerant that I've heard my best friend talk about for years. It's called Amazing Maui Babe  Browning Lotion. 

At first I was sketchy. The label looks a bit generic and the color of the bottle is actually the color of the lotion! I read the back of the label which assures you that it is not a self tanner and is not a stain. 

I personally thought it smelled pretty good. Like a nutty coffee, which is about right since its made with ingredients such as: Mineral Oil, Kukui Nut Extract and Kona Coffee Plant Extract (coffee is also good for cellulite. [so I hear]) and a few more natural ingredients. I slathered it on, sat back and relaxed.
The formula looked gross going on and really made my fingernails look dirty and unkempt. It also got brown smudges on my towel which I'm really hoping comes off in the wash. It tends to be a bit streaky going on and if you're not thorough, it could leave a brown blob that will have people staring I'm sure. 

After a couple of hours in the sun, I checked to see if there were any results... Nothing. I was pretty disappointed. I packed up and headed home. 

Holy Tan Lines! When I got out of my post beach shower, I was shocked by the amount of sun I actually had gotten! I left the beach thinking that I had wasted my money but shortly after, my mind was definitely changed. Not only did this "magic" tan reveal itself after my shower, but it seemed to continue to increase for hours after. I will definitely be using this one again. This summers goal? To look like a Maui Babe!

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