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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Well isn't that just beachy.

I have been dying to try this new "beach hair" spray that I saw on Pinterest. I absolutely love my hair after leaving the beach and I thought it'd be awesome to use in those rare occasions in the summer that I'm not lounging at the beach. So I picked up a spray from the Not Your Mothers line of products. I read the back of the bottle.


It adds sexy, tousled waves and a light matte finish to any hair type. Infused with natural dead see salt and sea kelp this salon formula has you and your hair on the boardwalk all year long.


Mist generously onto clean, damp or dry hair. Comb through evenly and style with fingers or a brush to create random texture, waves and body. Air dry naturally, use a diffuser or lightly blow-dry. Oh and don't forget your sunblock (wink).**

As always, I followed the directions to a T. I chose to air dry instead of use my diffuser because I wasn't sure if the spray would leave a stiff residue. I didn't want a stringy look.
I hoped to look something like this:

The Good: 
•The mist was fine and the nozzle really made for easy spraying. 
•When dry, my hair was soft enough to run my fingers through. Didn't feel dry or stiff. 
•I felt no residue at all 

The Bad:
While I was spraying, the plastic labeling on the bottle began to creep upwards which made for a not so easy grip. I scooted cover back down and continued. After a few frustrating label replacings, I ended up taking the whole label off and now have a plain white bottle that is driving me nuts!

The No-So Ugly:
Did I get the beach hair look I was going for? No. But that won't keep me from trying it with the diffuser before giving it the thumbs down. Plus, I really liked how my hair felt after it air-dried. It's a great product to keep around for those wash n go days. The OCD in me is probably gonna go crazy if I have to keep looking at the blank bottle though....I'm sure I can fix that in some way. 

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