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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Psori Assist Phase 1: Patchwork

Picture this... Its January. I'm in the car on my way to work. Hair in a high bun. Make up on point. Suddenly, I feel a slight tingle in the back of my head. I reach back to give it a little scratch and BOOM! I notice that this is not just a little tingle, this feels like a little patch of dry skin. (Ok. No big deal.) I decide to stop at my best friends house on the way to take a quick look. She confirms it! I have a dry patch on my scalp. I didn't panic. She said it was small and not noticeable.

Yes. There are bigger things to worry about in life than a stupid dry patch, I know this, but this damn patch has almost literally consumed my thoughts every morning, noon and night of each day for the past 4 months! I have been so self conscious about it and now its to the point that the "little" tingle I was talking about has turned into what I would imagine a hot spot feels like for a dog. Its itchy, bigger, embarrassing and annoying! What could it be and why the hell is it there?! I take good care of my hair and scalp and since this little tingle began, I have been rubbing oils on it and making sure that its well moisturized. I've been drinking water like a camel in the hopes of getting my skin out of its winter funk.

I have become obsessed with figuring out what this is! Like every other normal human being... I went straight to the source...THE INTERNET. Because as we all know "They can't put anything on the internet that isn't true." What I found was scary! Hair loss! Ring Worm! Psoriasis!... Luckily, I haven't lost any hair in that area and this patch can easily still be covered by my hair. Also, it is definitely not ring worm (phew) that would have freaked me out. That leaves just one thing.. PSORIASIS. I'm not 100% sure about this so before pulling out the big guns and going to the dermatologist, I've decided to try a few more at home remedies.  I started on Saturday with a few key items to healing dry scalp.
  1. A dry scalp shampoo. I went with Selsun Blue. Its a shampoo and conditioner in one. (not a huge fan of combination shampoos but a dry scalped girls gotta do what a dry scalped girls gotta do) I also was unimpressed with the fact that not only did the blue coloring stain everything that it touched in my shower, but more importantly, it didn't seem to lather well and actually made my hair feel the driest its ever felt. I rinsed thoroughly and moved on to item number 2.
  2. Coconut Oil. I slathered... and I mean slathered this stuff all over my hair. Root to tip, I left no follicle uncoated. I massaged it into my scalp, paying special little attention to "the area", combed it through, waited 45 minutes and went back into the shower to rinse it all out. While in the shower It donned on me... "Oh crap! Oil and water don't mix. This is not going to be easy." I ended up shampooing with my normal shampoo 2 times before getting it all out. It was frustrating but it was over. I got out, gently towel dried my hair and moved on to the final ingredient in Phase 1.
  3. Argan Oil. I used the one I received in my Ipsy bag a couple of months back by Josie Maran. Rubbed a little on the scalp and finished styling as usual.
I must say, for a while there I thought my remedy had worked. I had no itching all day and my hair was delightfully soft. (Hellzyeah! Mission accomplished!) No itching the next day either. Then came the dreaded Monday. The tingle was back with a vengeance. Maybe it was just me? Maybe I've just become so accustomed to having that tingly sensation that I'm just over-thinking it? I ran into my good friend and hair dresser this morning and had her take a peek. She thought it looked like psoriasis. (Gosh lets hope not.) 

I think for now, I will stick with Phase 1 of my plan and give the Selsun Blue a chance to do its job. In the mean time I will be looking all over and seeking the advice of others to help form a Phase 2. I Invite you all to help me in my journey. Suggestions and advice is not only appreciated but really REALLY encouraged. (Mama needs some help. [old southern voice])

Here's to hoping that Phase 2 is a success story. Stay tuned to find out.

side note: If you're in the Virginia Beach area and are in need of some hair TLC, head over to Dimensions Hair Studio. Everyone there does an amazing job. Whether its hair, nails or waxing. I can assure you, you won't be sorry. And no. I was not asked to say this, I honestly suggest them to everyone!

Thanks for stopping by The Messy Vanity,

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