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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Unboxing: My first Lip Monthly Box

It's here! It's here! My first Lip Monthly box. I've been waiting over a month for this little gem and I am thrilled with it! 

First thing is first, I just want to say that I need to train my kids a little better on telling me when I have a package. I just so happened to see this in the den. For all I know, it could have been in the house for days and no one ever bothered to mention it. ....(ugh) Teenagers. 

After finding it and figuring out exactly what it was, I opened it right away. 

It came in a plain white envelope and

as soon as I got it opened, I immediately saw this generous sample of Frizz-ease Straight Fixation. Cue the big grin on my face. 

Right off the bat before even opening the box, there was a full sized Revlon Colorburst lip gloss
Also in the envelope was this City Color Lip Lush Lip Pencil in Crush. Not a brand that I've ever heard of which is intriguing and the color is really beautiful. The search went on smooth and I really liked that it turns at the bottom and doesn't need to be sharpened to get more product.

The box is cute and could possibly be reused. 
Upon opening the box, there is a card telling you what you have in your box and how much it retails for. At $10/month, Lip Monthly subscribers are for sure getting a deal!
Inside the box there is 2 more full sized lip products. 

Look how cute this shade of pink is! Hot pink, "Barbie" pink, birthday pink? Nope. It's quite simply, Bright Pink. Another great looking product by City Color

Finally this gorgeous vintage red lipstick (full sized once again) by Appeal Cosmetics.

Overall I am so happy with my first box. I got some really great full sized products with an bonus "monthly mix up" hair product. I am really excited to see what the future Lip Monthly months are going to deliver. They've got big plans for the future and if I continue to receive boxes like this, I plan on being there to see what happens. 

I hope you enjoyed this Unboxing. 

Thank you for stopping by The Messy Vanity,

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