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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Filling the Gap.

I was over at my parents house the other day and noticed my dad looking at me a little weird. He says to me "Kat, did you do something different with your teeth?" I said that I had been trying a new homemade teeth whitening solution and smiled. When I smiled he told me that it looks like my gap is getting bigger! Ugh!!!

When I was a kid I hated, I mean HATED, my gap. I got made fun of all the time about it. As an a adult sort of learned to embrace my gap. Now, after that statement, I'm a little self conscious. I know that it may not be the biggest gap of them all but it certainly isn't the smallest and its only going to get bigger with age. I don't want to eventually live my life being able to fit a big carrot stick in my gap, Id never smile again! So I did a little research (and by research I mean Googling) and came across a little product called Ortho Flexbands. The reviews aren't terrible but I'm a little on the fence about it.

Here's how it works:
Seems legit...right?

On the other hand I have a certain coworker (whom shall remain nameless) sending me things like this:

What do I do?

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