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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Last Julep

I finally received my very last Julep Maven box.

For those of you who don't know about Julep, Julep is one of those monthly subscription websites sort of like Birchbox or Ipsy.
With Julep you pay $20/month and you receive $40 worth of nail and/or mani/pedi products. In the past I've received usually 2 or 3 polishes along with a foot scrub, cuticle remover lotion or nail polish remover. Things like that.
Depending on the month you get different things in your Julep box. When you first sign up you take a beauty profile "quiz" and based on your results (I was Boho Glam) they send you polish colors to match your style. It was awesome... at first.
I was so excited to get my first box but then, as the months went on, I noticed that most of the colors were pretty much the same. Of course, they do give you the option of changing your colors of the month to another style or skipping the month at no charge which was great until I realized that I was skipping almost all of the months and that the polishes I was getting really weren't the quality I expected them to be. I mean, for a $12 polish I don't expect it to chip or peel within just a few days. Then I realized that this was kinda the reason I was skipping the months. The fun and excitement of getting my Julep box was great but quickly wore off. Am I really paying $20 a month for fun and excitement? I get the same rush with my Ipsy(glam bag) and my Birchbox... And I like the things that I get each month. Not only that but they are $10 cheaper than Julep! A $10 difference may not be much to some but in my ordinary world, it makes a difference. If I want a good nail polish, I'll head over to Ulta and get an Essie or China Glaze (my favorite brands for polish) for a lot less. So I made the decision to cancel my Julep subscription. It's bittersweet but its the right choice. So here it is, my last and final Julep Maven Boho Glam box.

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