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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

5 Things I need in my possession for the Fall season

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. Everybody loves the summer. And who wouldn't it's a great time of year, but there is something about fall! Big cozy sweaters, darker colors, the list goes on. There is just no arguing that fall is brings tons of fashion and beauty trends that cant be pulled off in the summer. There are quite a few things on my fall wishlist.....

1. Lime Crime Velvetines Lipstick in Salem: Salem isn't the only great shade Lime Crime brings us but there is just something about this shade the SCREAMS Fall.

2. Graphic T's and Flannel Shirts: The grunge look is coming back and I am all about it. It's a little different than it was in the 90's, a little more put together. I like to call it... Glam Grunge. Just look at the super cute Hendrix shirt I bought at Target last week. Paired with a flannel and maybe some ripped jeans, I can't wait to put this look together.

3. A 13''Aubergine or Oxblood Cambridge Satchel: But let's be honest. If you've been following TMV you know that I've been wanting a Cambridge Satchel for quite a while now. Why haven't I gotten one?...Probably because I end up spending the money on cosmetics. I can't help it, I just have to have things!

4. Nars Albatross I've been looking for the perfect powder highlight and according to my friends on  Makeup Social this is the one to get.

5. A pair of double sided earrings... or 2 or 3: There are so many cute styles, I just have to have some!

Welp. There's my list. What kinds of things are tickling your fall fancy this year?

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(P.S.- A friend and I had to Google whether or not to capitalize the word fall... shh. Don't tell anyone ;))

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