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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nailed it or Failed it: Curly Locks on Short Hair

So since I got my hair cut, I've been experimenting with different looks. "Pushing the envelope" so to speak on the styles I can do with short hair. After going through my hair appliances, I realized that I had completely forgotten about all of the different ways I used to curl my long locks. One of the safest and my most favorite way to curl my hair was to put curling rods in. I have probably close to a hundreds curling rods of all sizes so of course, the wheels started turning.....

I figured if I could get wild curly hair, pair it with my new Hendrix shirt, ripped jeans and my new dark Transylvania lipstick, I could really pull off a badass, rockstar type of look. So I googled short,wild curly hair and and there it was.... My inspiration. 
It's perfect! I'm not sure who this woman is but for one, she is gorgeous and two, she has the best hair! 
So of course, me and my overachieving mind decided "well I know, instead of putting rods of the same size in my hair, I will step it up a notch and use a few different sizes. 
Yeaaah... that will make it look more natural. And instead of being precise in placing the rods, I will place them randomly so that they look will look wild and real when I take them out."

So I got the usual supplies together. Comb, water and rods and began curling.

At this point, I am certain this is going to look fierce! I give myself a last misting and head off to bed.

I wake up. And when I do "sleep on it" type things to my hair, I like for it to be the last thing I do. So makeup went on first.
Then out came the rods. I started from the bottom and worked my way forward.
Ummm. This isn't looking too good. Maybe if I run my fingers through and separate the curls a bit. Yeah that'll work!
Well... maybe not. 
I know! I'll just put a headband on and turn my "not so fierce" look into a "flapper-esque" look.
Not exactly what I was hoping for. UGH! Is this going to get any better?
Hmmm. If I just brush the curls out and mold them a bit, I could get some super cute hollywood style waves...
Yeah. Not. So. Much.

With no time left in my morning, I just have to settle.
 This was about as good as it was going to get.
Oh well. better luck next time I suppose.

Nailed it or Failed it? Is that really a question? This was a major fail but I think I made it work. It wasn't the badass, rockstar look I was going for but It'll do. {insert long sigh here}

Hope you enjoyed this Nailed it or Failed it.

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Enjoy a few randoms from this glorious fail of a morning :)

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