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Monday, August 11, 2014

Step By Step: Deep Purple Smokey Eye Look

Smokey eyes are a simple way to add class or sass to any look. 

Follow the steps to create this beautiful Deep Purple Smokey Eye Look

1. Moisturize your face
note: its important to let each "layer" you apply to your face or eyes dry before moving to the next step. This especially goes for moisturizers and primers

2.Apply facial primer

3.Apply foundation

4. Contour the hollows of your cheeks, along the hair and jawline, down the sides of the nose and in the temples with a cream contour like this one (my fave)

5. I used the same palette to fill and sculpt my brows

6. Apply primer to eye lids

7. Use Scotch tape on the corner of your eyes to create a crisp shadow line. This is the part where I'm wishing I had Shadow Shields

8. Use a black creme or gel shadow and apply it to the lids. This in no way shape or form needs to be neat

9. Use a purple tone in the crease and blend into the black. The purple needs to be a true purple. Not too dark, not too light

10. Use a matte pink for your upper crease area, I actually use a blush shade called Sherbet for this. Blend into purple

11. With a flat shadow brush, pack a matte black onto the lid covering the cream that was applied previously. This is where you need to be neat and precise. Black shadow can go really wrong, really fast. Use a cotton swab to clean it up if you need to

12. Use a deep purple shade to blend the black with a purple. This will be a transition color in the inner crease

13. Apply a gold shimmer shade to the inner corner of your eyes

14. Remove the tape and smudge the black and deep purple along the lower lashline

15. Apply black to the waterline

16. Apply false lashes

17. When lashes have dried completely, apply a coat or 2 of mascara to blend the natural with the false lashes

18. Top them of with a nice lining on the lid with a gel or liquid liner

Your eyes are complete!

19. Now back to your contour palette and highlight under your eyes and above the cheekbones, down the center of the nose and center of forehead, a little on the chin and along the upper lip. Its so important to blend, Blend, BLEND!!!

20. Apply a nude shade lipstick and top with a pink toned gloss

A bit of messy "rockstar-esque" hair and the look is done!

Follow these simple steps and your smokey eye look cant go wrong. 

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