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Thursday, August 21, 2014

About Face: My Facial Cleansing Routine

I get so many questions about when and how often I wash my face. My face is in no way perfect but I don't think I have bad skin. I've decided to put together a a few products that I use regularly to keep my face clean and young.... well as young as I can get anyway (wink, wink). In fact, in my opinion, because I've been using these products regularly, I really see a positive difference in my skin.

  • The first thing I use everyday is good old fashioned Witch Hazel to remove the dirt and makeup off of my skin.Witch Hazel is tried and true and if ya ask me... If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I just put some on a soft cloth or cotton ball and rub it on my face. 

  • The second thing I've been using everyday is the Peter Thomas Roth  Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel. It doesn't dry my skin out and after using it, I feel no residue or dirt of any kind on my face.

  • Twice a week, after washing my face, I use a couple of my favorite products by Radical Skincare. I use the Age Defying Exfoliating Pads all over my face to give it a gently scrub and get all the dead skin cells off. 
I follow that up with the Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask. This mask give me the giggles. As it starts to work on my skin, I actually feel hundreds of little bubbles pop all over your face letting me know that its doing its job. After rinsing it off, my face is so soft and smooth. 
But I don't stop there...

  • I continue my daily routine with the Murad step 2 Advanced Active Radiance Serum. This smooths out my skin even more and also improves the brightness. Just yesterday someone commented that I was "glowing" and I give all of the credit to this product.
  • Lastly, I finish off my daily routine with a good moisturizer. I flip flop on moisturizers because I like to try & compare new products but this one really is a winner in my book and hopefully, for now, I will stick with it. It's the Befine Daily Moisturizer. I use it after washing my face at night as a last step before I go to sleep. This gives it plenty of time to soak in. 

That's it y'all! That's my big secret. Hope you like it. whats your big skin secret? Do you have cleansers, gels or moisturizers that you swear by? What are they?

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