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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Praying for Newtown

Now I'm not usually a religious person and I usually like to keep my blogs upbeat and positive but I can't keep quiet about this.

My heart is broken for the families of these babies that have been taken from their loved ones so soon. As a parent, I cannot imagine getting that call, going to my baby's school and waiting. Just
waiting by. The pit in my stomach. Looking at other parents emotional embraces when they see theirs. And just waiting for you baby's smiling face to come around the corner and never does. The feeling of heartbreak. The overwhelming amount of anger and sadness. The blood draining from your face and the hole opening in your heart that can never and will never be filled again. I can't imagine the feeling of coming home to a house full of beautiful memories and knowing that those will be the last memories. Knowing that your baby must have been terrified, in so much pain and you couldn't be there to protect them.

From the moment we have children, we make it our duty, our pleasure, to love them, teach them to be safe, and protect them always. We never think that such a tragedy will happen in the safest of places. A school.

School is the place where you learn, where you go to be protected from things like hurricanes, tornados and other natural disasters. We never think that it would be a place for tragedy of this magnitude yet here we all are, Thinking what if this were my child's school?

With this said, I invite you to share your thoughts and prayers and join me in telling these families that we, the parents of the entire world, support them and are coming together as one.

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