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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quick Look: Teal and Taupe Tutorial

 I'm back.... Finally. I was under the weather for a while with a slight case of pneumonia, I'm back now and ready to show you the eyeshadow treatment that that I did for work yesterday and got TONS of compliments on it! So many that I decided to make a "tutorial" if you will, on how it was created. I'm calling this one....

Teal and Taupe

Starting at the tear duct I patted #1 half way across the lid until about the center. Although most all Coastal Scents shadows are made of Mica and are extremely pigmented, I went over the area twice to ensure that I get the exact color hue that I wanted. (I did not blend) At this point I changed to an angled liner brush and applied the same color on the bottom lash line half way across.

I then used #2 for the other half of the lid and applied it all the way to the end of the outer edge of the lid going over it twice again to get the best pigment. No blending at this point either. Switching again to the angled liner brush I applied this color to the lash line beginning at the outer corner and working my way to the center, slightly and more gently overlapping with color #1 to add a bit of a blending affect.

Next using a light pearly taupe color #3 I changed brushed to a softer more full blending brush and applied the taupe to the upper crease of the lids, still at this point not blending any of the colors.

Applying #4 to the inner corner of the tear duct and to the brow bone, I then moved on to my new friend Matt(e) Batalli.

Using my Avon Ergonomic Rounded Eyeshadow Brush I applied Matt(e) Batalli
to the outer corner of the lid bringing it down onto the lower corner of the bottom lid just slightly.

At this point I used my Avon Ergonomic Rounded Eyeshadow Brush to pull the color upwards at the ends then gently pulled it across the lower section of the crease about 1/4th way across.

Using the #9 Blending Brush from my Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush set I gently blended #1, 2 and #3 across the lid. After getting all of the color off of the #9 Blending Brush, I glided it through the crease.

We are now done with the shadow...

Now for what I call "THE ENHANCEMENTS".

I applied my Avon Glimmersticks Liqui-glide liner in Black Plum in a thin line on my upper lid bringing it all the way to the outer corner. Then I used my COLOR ICON™ EYE LINER in White on just the waterline.

After curling my lashes I used my favorite go-to mascara...the one I always talk about, My Avon Super Shock Max Mascara. I just cant say enough about the amazing results I get with this product. The fullness and lash enhancement really is a step above some of the other high end brands that I have tried. I finished the look off with a light coat of  Super Extend Extreme Mascara on the lower lashes. I didn't want to go to heavy on the lower lashes because I really wanted the tealy green shadow to pop.

The finished product was a trendy smoky yet soft look that I was thrilled with!


If you are interested in finding out more about some of the products ive used in my blog, please feel free to contact me anytime! I am more than happy to share.

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